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Preventing mental health issues and improving well-being with Nele Jacobs

Jan 19, 2023

We’re so happy to welcome Prof. Dr. Nele Jacobs and FARESA as UQ Masterclass Partner! They’re a team of experts in mental health and behaviour change with many international publications in high-ranked academic journals and have more than a decade of experience in the organisation of efficient mental health services and tools.

“It’s not about the absence of illness anymore, it’s about talent development in mental health and well-being. The change we want to bring on the UQ Well-being platform is to become skilful in the mental health area before things go wrong and to help you to have the right mindset and skill set to feel better and behave the way you’d like yourself to do.”

Nele Jacobs

What can you expect from Nele?

Evidence-based mental health care programmes for the work setting, from accurate diagnostics to effective multilevel and multimodal programmes for complete workforces. But, most and for all, the focus is on the individual. She strongly believes that each and every one of us has the ability to grow and stand up in times of trouble, at our own pace and in due time. Sometimes guidance from someone who’s witnessed it and can explain these processes makes this trip a little easier and a bit more efficient.

Most clients approach her to become more effective in their private and professional life by tackling their cognitive and emotional barriers to do so (e.g. lack of concentration, worrying, anxiety, sadness, burn-out).

Do you feel technology has an impact on mental illness?

Technology can be a threat and asset to mental health, it depends on the exact application. AI will enable better diagnostics and therapeutics, different tools will be available for better self-assessment and management of mental health risks. However, the use of social media and continuous ‘online’ connections are becoming barriers to our mental health. Disconnection and augmented focus on value-based living are necessary.

What made you decide to go into your field of expertise?

As for many people in health, the aim was to help people and I had a profound interest in understanding human behaviour so it was an evident choice to engage into the field of psychology.

Nele Jacobs | UQalify

Do you want to know more about her?

Nele’s passionate about improving perspectives on inner and outer life, breaking down unhelpful constructs that create stress, burn-out or other problems such as anxiety and depression. She loves sharing the lessons learned from her practices and giving key information about what (not) to do when you suffer from mental health problems. Nele isn’t just the company owner of FARESA, she combines this with family life, being married, 3 sons and a dog. If you’d ever like to give her something, you can always please her with Italian wines and comfort food.

Ikebana | UQalify
If you don’t know what ikebana is. 👆

Some fun facts about Nele

  1. Mentally, I’m 8 years old. I have some basic skills to explore the world, but don’t understand everything. I embrace the ‘Alice’ (In Wonderland) in me every single day.
  1. What gets me truly excited is innovation in mental healthcare, working together with passionate people, exploring the world with my family, good food and wine.
  1. If I had one extra hour per day, I would finally engage into rowing at home.
  1. If I could choose another training course, I’d like to take ceramics classes or become a flower artist (e.g. ikebana).

A handful of unique, practical content will soon be available in our UQ coach and Teach on Mars apps! Furthermore, you can expect blended training programmes tailor-made to your organisation. This way, you can benefit even more from what they have to offer! 

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