Skills assessment & matching

Modular, branded platforms to identify, grow and nurture the skills and knowledge of individuals and organisations.

UQ Skills
UQ Skills | UQalify

Identifying the human potential

Bridge the skills gap

Let your audience identify their human potential, talents, motivation and skills into a skills ID. Next, they can discover training and job opportunities and bridge their skills gap into a career that makes them happy.

The UQ Skills building blocks

A high UQ, or self knowledge, leads to better choices in work and life.

UQ Skills Assessment | UQalify

Skills assessments

Intuitive skills assessments to help individuals and organisations discover their talents, motivations, skills, interests and potential.

UQ Skills ID | UQalify

Personal Skills ID

Map your skills and interests in a Skills ID that evolves with you throughout your career. Your compass to grow and make better choices in work and life.

UQ Skills matching | UQalify

Skills & job matching

Discover skill gaps and possible training and job opportunities that fit your skills and competences, but also fit your personality and interests.

UQ Skills analytics | UQalify

Talent insights

The dashboard module maps the potential and qualities of individuals, teams and organisations and pinpoints the upskilling solutions.

Your ready-made upskilling solution

Branded company platform

Activate your customised skills assessment & matching platform in just a few clicks. 

  1. Setup your own branded platform as admin with users groups.
  2. Define the active jobs in the company and select the training offer.
  3. Invite all your employees to discover their Skills ID and define their growth path.
  4. Match the team members with the training, coaching and jobs that fit them.
  5. Define the upskilling strategy with actionable company insights & analytics.

Upskilling and reskilling is a teamsport. We connect everybody who wants to play and be part of the ecosystem. Welcome future! 

Skills ID for individuals | UQalify


Self knowledge (UQ) leads to an aligned learning journey and a fulfilling career path with greater self confidence.

Skills ID for companies | UQalify


Identify, grow and nurture the skills & knowledge of your team members. Empower employee wellbeing.

Skills ID for education | UQalify


Match trainees with a modular training offer that suits their interests, competences and what makes them happy.

Skills ID for governments | UQalify


Improve the self awareness, appetite to learn and employability of all citizens, through personalised platforms.

Assessment on your own terms

Customised modular platforms

We build your branded platforms, empowered by AI. For skills assessment, job matching, certification, upskilling, recruitment or talent development.

  • Adapted to the scope of your organisation or project we are able to combine our existing modules with new development and go live in just a few months.
  • Our generative AI division specialises in personalised coaching, talent development and training innovations, leading to a unique and personalised user experience.
UQ Skills Antwerpen | UQalify

Sustainable software development


All our platforms are powered by NSX, the first sustainable software development framework in the world. We build Talent- & Learning platforms adapted to your requirements, step by step, and always on-point.

A 4PSaaS branded platform is built adapted to your needs, then licensed as a full service, with automatic upgrades and support.

Our 4 P’s stand for 

  • Possible: you ask it, we make it happen
  • Personalised: adapted to your needs
  • Progressive: develop step by step
  • Predictive: no budget or timing surprises
NSX 4PSAAS | UQalify

Prepare your organisation and colleagues for today’s new skills and challenges!