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The 7 habits of people with high digital awareness

Mar 17, 2023

Do you know the old saying ‘Old ways don’t open new doors’? Those words are still so important today. Our world is evolving at a furious pace, which brings a lot of challenges. And digital technologies are playing no minor role in this. It can make your life more valuable, your career more sustainable and your business more successful. So why do some people succeed naturally, while others get stressed or addicted to it?

It’s because they’ve acquired certain habits. And with those 7 habits in your mind, you’ll also become more digitally aware and create a valuable life, a sustainable career or a successful business for yourself.

Ulrich Petré | UQalify

1. They regularly engage in self-reflection

The more often you do it, the easier it becomes. And the same goes for self-reflection. By doing it regularly, you create a habit out of it. And if you want to use digital technologies to your advantage, you must first discover how you interact with them. Keep a mirror in front of yourself and reflect on your own behaviour. People with high digital awareness are mindful of their digital habits and can critically assess them. Among other things, they think about how much time they spend on their smartphone or social media, what they get in return and what it costs them.

Digital awareness | UQalify

2. They combine foresight with creativity

This habit is also called urgent optimism. With it, you recognise that society, your life and work are full of challenges, but you also realise that there are skills and tools to overcome them and create your own future. People with high digital awareness know what risks and threats to avoid and what solutions, ideas and positive actions to be enthusiastic and optimistic about. They don’t sit still or wait and see. They take action today to directly influence their future.

3. They prioritise the comprehension of digital technologies

Digital technologies play an important role in our lives and the world around us. People with high digital awareness realise that digital technologies are constantly evolving and changing and that it’s important to keep up with these developments and understand how they work. By understanding digital technologies, they can make better use of them to achieve their goals, make their lives more valuable and adapt to the constantly changing world.

Digital awareness | UQalify

4. They have a strong sense of curiosity towards other people

Digital technologies allow people around the world to communicate with each other, and exchange ideas and experiences. People with high digital awareness have the desire to understand the world around them and are often interested in how others think and feel. As a result, they develop more empathy and understanding for others. By listening to others and understanding what moves them, they can build meaningful relationships and solve problems in a way that works for everyone.

Digital awareness | UQalify

5. They bring learning appetite into their lives

In a constantly changing world, it’s important to realise that skills are ageing and need to be constantly renewed to remain relevant and valuable in the labour market and in our daily lives. By learning efficiently and effectively, people with high digital awareness ensure that they can adapt to new developments and challenges. With learning appetite, they continuously keep renewing their skills. Moreover, it helps them achieve personal and professional goals and increase their chances of success.

6. They focus on 21st-century skills

For many centuries, the skills needed to function in society have been determined by social conditions. For example, in an agricultural society of the 19th century, you needed to be able to work the land. For this, you needed muscle strength and physical dexterity. People with high digital awareness focus on developing the skills needed in today’s 21st-century society. By focusing on this, they’re better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the digital world and can make the best use of digital technologies to achieve their goals.

Digital awareness | UQalify

7. They think inclusively sustainable

Creating a sustainable, resilient and fair society is inextricably linked to inclusive sustainable thinking. People with high digital awareness are committed to a future where everyone has equal opportunities. Through their thinking, they include the interests of different groups in their considerations and create solutions that take into account the needs of both the individual and the planet. By being aware of the impact of their actions on people, society and the environment, they contribute to building a sustainable future accessible to all.

These 7 habits relate to both mindset, skillset and toolset. They involve the combination of the right mindset, the skills needed to deal effectively with digital technologies and the right tools, methodologies and strategies to apply these skills. Try applying these 7 habits personally to increase your digital awareness. Then, you’ll quickly experience the impact on your daily life, your work and/or your business. Moreover, you’ll do your bit for a sustainable society!

Article written by Ulrich Petré

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