The testing trap

Mar 2, 2022

You may already know that, once you’re happy with the content, you can submit your training to create a test version that will only be visible to learners with the ‘Content Reviewer’ status (and who have access to the training). The green dot under ‘Edit’ moves to ‘Testing’ and becomes yellow, and then green again, once the ‘Test’ version is available.

Of course, you want to test it in myUQ Coach and may find that you want to make some changes. If so, you know that you can easily go back to the ‘Mission Center’ and click on the relevant module and specific activity, but you can’t edit it. What? Why? 🧐 And before you know it, you start clicking everywhere, reloading the page, maybe even logging out and logging in again, but to no avail. You seem trapped. 😱 Welcome to the ‘Testing’ trap!

The solution is simple and you already know it, but in the heat of the moment, most of us tend to forget it: You have to put the training back into “Edit” mode. Just click on the blue “Edit training course” button. Then, you’ll be able to edit everything again. 

Note: Did you know that, when a training course is already published, you can’t delete a module or an activity, or change an activity type (e.g. change a Wordspool into a Quiz Game)? Also, it’s not possible to move an activity from one module to another.  So, you might want to think twice before hitting that ‘Publish’ button. 😉 

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