Personal Impact & Hospitality

by Veerle Raemdonck

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Hospitality is the new branding

Create a top notch customer experience

Why does authenticity play a crucial role in hospitality and how is it key to an excellent customer experience? Learn the art of hospitality to leave a memorable mark with your customer.

Veerle’s mission is to translate your identity powerfully and authentically into a classy appearance that lets you come across professionally and self-confident. Bring your (business)values to life in your interactions so your client knows what you’re about.

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Client experience is, next to the professional dimension, the most important reason to choose you.

In this MasterChannel you’ll learn:

  • How to get better self knowledge and validation
  • What makes or breaks your image
  • To embed the human dimension in the customer experience
  • To win your client’s trust
  • To use colour as your power tool
  • How to differentiate as an individual and as a company regarding your competition

Ready to convert your company philosophy into practice?

Use your values consciously to make yourself knowable, likeable and trustable.

The chapters of the MasterChannel:

Hospitality leadership

  • Hospitality is the new branding
  • Authenticity is magnetic
  • Impact with capital letter
  • Personal leadership

Authenticity quest

  • Define your brand
  • Define your client
  • Customer journey
  • Define yourself as individual


  • Empowerment
  • Your mindset
  • Self-knowledge
  • Appearance
  • Body language
  • Networking

12 month subscription

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Expert in hospitality leadership

About Veerle

Thanks to her rich experience in different management roles, as consultant and trainer at companies like Cartier, Delvaux, Louis Vuitton and Luxury Attitude, Veerle is a true Master in Personal Impact & Hospitality. She guided many business leaders and teams over Europe to more authenticity, working from the inner power and a positive impact on clients and society.

Grow your client loyalty through an authentic, confident appearance.

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