Recruit different

by Jan Mertens

A 12 month subscription to weekly insights and on-top learning content for recruiters and hiring managers, young or experienced, that want to recruit differently.

How to bridge the gaps

Prepare your recruitment for success

How to let 5 generations work together, from hire to retention? ‘Workforce Demographics’ sounds pretty, but puts organisations for immense challenges. How to align both expectations, sensitivities and wishes?

The mission of the Recruit Different MasterChannel is to give you the much needed voice to continue your role as a top recruiter and manager. And to make an impact that makes the difference for both the candidate and your organisation.

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“Without people there’s no company. People always make a difference. People are the company, without them there’s no future. And the people are permanently and thoroughly changed, but the company’s still too little. Their future is in danger”.

In this MasterChannel you’ll learn:

  • How to use emerging technologies like AI and data.
  • Workforce demographics and how to optimise the selection process to it.
  • Interview techniques with high success predictability.
  • To cope with external recruitment partners.
  • Best practices in convincing your CEO to get the right means and mandates to get the best results.
  • How to align hiring manager’s actions to the needs of the market today.

Ready to detect ‘contribution potential’ over ‘risk potential’?

Learn how to develop talent best for future success.

The chapters of this MasterChannel: 

  • Am I an authentic employer?
  • Candidate experience
  • Hiring as a pivotal role
  • Does the ideal candidate exist? And is this important?
  • The interview of truth
  • Is there an optimal selection process (you hire what you select for)?

12 month subscription

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Expert in recruitment

About Jan

For more than 30 years, Jan has been recruiting people for numerous roles for successful companies in Belgium and Europe. Throughout time, we have changed a lot as people, as society and also as organisations, and today recruiting is more than ever a challenge, maybe even top sport. What we do, hardly works anymore. Continuous learning and adjustment is a must. So recruit different.

Let go of short term profit maximisation, go for long term value maximisation of people, instead.

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