Your personalised learning community

Meet your team’s upskilling needs by delivering on-point microlearning content in interaction with industry peers and experts in mobile-first training technology on a daily basis.

UQ Learn
Teach on Mars - UQ Learn

Social learning

Learn better, together.

The community wall is the learning space where individuals and experts share valuable knowledge and best practices, reinforcing collective learning and development.

  • Interactive wall
  • Like, share, save & comment
  • Latest content updates
  • Share company knowledge
  • Gamification

Micro learning

Snackable on-point knowledge in your niche

We got your content covered. Deliver your own, rely on us for tailor-made creation or choose from our continuously updated learning catalogue in the intuitive authoring tool.

  • Multi-language learning content
  • Trending expert wall posts
  • Skills & wellbeing assessments
  • Book & podcast insights
UQ coach inside
Game based learning | UQalify

Game-based learning & challenges

We make learning irresistible

Your employees simply will not get enough of our game-based learning formats and challenges. The driving force behind how we multiply learning impact by 4, compared to any other learning solution.


Your personalised learning community up and running in 4 weeks, in less than 4 steps.

UQ Learn - How it works step 1 | UQalify

We set-up the mobile and desktop app environment with your company brand identity and user groups.

UQ Learn - How it works step 2 | UQalify

Personalise your learning topics and weekly wall feeds program adapted to your company’s challenges.

UQ Learn - How it works step 3 | UQalify

Option to create your own company academy with your vision, values, company solutions and on-boarding.

UQ Learn - How it works step 4 | UQalify

Define the architecture of the community, train your stakeholders and you are ready to launch & grow!

Setup is so easy you could ask your mum.

Our community managers support you fully in every step.


About the app

About the app mobile first | UQalify

Multi-platform, but mobile-first

Learn anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Mobile is the future standard. Where we engage, share and get inspired the most. Also available on desktop, and offline.

About the app Teach on Mars technology | UQalify

Teach on Mars

Our cutting-edge technologies engage users consistently in their pursuit of continuous growth, blending individual reflective learning with the collaborative impact of the group.

About the app Authoring tool | UQalify

Authoring tool

Stay in control of your learning content in our easy-to-use authoring tool. Create and personalise training content with the 20+ customisable learning activity formats.


Connected to your workflows

A seamless user experience is the backbone of an impactful and productive learning solution. Whether you use an online meeting tool, an LMS, or an HRMS, integrate smoothly into your workflow with our plug-ins and API.

UQ Learn integraties
Play It integration | UQalify

Interactive game-based learning

The Play It PRO extension

Interactive real-life simulations take your learning to the next level. Improve the knowledge and skills of your team regarding first aid, health, fire prevention, ergonomics, data protection and cybersecurity. Custom game-based training for your own environment, on-demand.

Prepare your organisation and colleagues for today’s new skills and challenges!