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Supercharge your professional journey with snackable content in your niche, accelerating your growth on a daily basis.

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Hybrid learning content

Follow your thought leader’s daily personal experiences and field expertise online or offline, in-app and during live events.

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Connect with peers

Engage in community-centered learning, establishing direct interactions with field experts and peers.

Belong with the best

Are you serious about committing to your growth?

  • Surround yourself with leaders in your industry to elevate your own life and achieve new levels of success.
  • Apply your new knowledge directly on your job and discuss best practices with your community.
  • Build your own professional authority on a daily basis, by simply being where the magic happens.
  • Replace one-time courses with continuous growth. Save time and effort, and increase successful integration of your learning material.
  • Find encouragement and support during challenging times and learn from other’s failures, successes and experiences.
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  • Fit learning in your busy schedule and finally start enjoying it. 
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What’s included?

Choose from a catalogue of today’s most relevant industry topics and leaders.


Inspiring learning content from your mentor

  • Growing training library
  • Weekly best practices and tips
  • Continuous book and podcast updates

Online, offline and in-person

  • 8 live and recorded digital MasterSessions per year on January 10, February 7, April 17, May 15, June 12, September 18, November 13, December 11.
    • Cluster 1: 10h-12h Nele, Jana, Ulrich & Jan 
    • Cluster 2: 15h-17h Veerle, Terrence, Elke & Michael 
  • 50% off the 2 MasterChannel events on March 14 and October 17 from 9h30 to 16u30.

Engage in meaningful discussions with peers

  • Dynamic professional community
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And there is more!

We believe in the magic of a hybrid learning approach. The value of personal contact and meeting peers remains undenied. Combine online and offline learning with in-person events.

Get 50% discount on the 2 in-person Master events and be the first to know about exclusive MasterChannel member benefits.

Learn from the best

Meet the masters

Explore a catalog of exceptional tailor-made content by thought leaders in various fields of the corporate industry and boost your professional growth. Choose your niche and submerge in the world, knowledge and expertise of your chosen mentor year-round, in connection with your peers.

UQ MasterChannels - Veerle Raemdonck

Personal impact & Hospitality

by Veerle Raemdonck

Hospitality is the new branding. Learn how to translate your company values into a unique customer experience and differentiate yourself from other entrepreneurs. Become the most knowable, likeable and trustable version of yourself and create a brilliant customer experience.

UQ MasterChannels - Terrence Selie

Performance Marketing

by Terrence Selie

Upgrade your digital marketing skills and take your organisation to the next level. Use your newly acquired knowledge to fine-tune your digital strategy. Learn to interpret data in order to draw conclusions, make predictions and take decisions.

UQ MasterChannels - Jan Mertens

Recruit Different

by Jan Mertens

Transform your recruitment processes and create the organisation of the future that’s ready for success. Learn how to identify candidates’ skills gaps and transform them into contribution potential. Finding talent will never be the same again.

UQ MasterChannels - Elke Van Parys

Powerful Talks

by Elke Van Parys

Develop your presentation skills and find out how to successfully implement communication strategies in your daily interactions. Use the power of body language and storytelling to stay top of mind with your audience. Get useful tips & tricks to communicate in an even more customer-oriented way.

UQ MasterChannels - Michaël Humblet

School of Sales

by Michael Humblet

Transform your sales approach to scale your business. Learn how to perfect your sales pitch and how to set yourself apart in the competitive sales world. Build your own sales machine. 

UQ MasterChannels - Ulrich Petré

Digital Leadership

by Ulrich Petré

Translate your company values into a digital strategy that sets you apart from the rest. Bring digital awareness and learning to your organisation and create an innovative digital culture that encourages employees to grow, set a clear vision and make strategic decisions.

UQ MasterChannels - Nele Jacobs

Mental Health

by Nele Jacobs

Become skillful in the mental health area before things go wrong and develop the right mindset and skill set to feel and behave the way you’d like yourself to. Find out how technology can support you in this process.

Jana Costers | UQ MasterChannels

Employer Branding

by Jana Costers

Employer branding is more than just a catchy slogan or a striking campaign. It’s a deep dive into the true identity of your company, the culture it embodies, and the values it upholds. You will learn how to make these elements tangible and integrate them into an effective employer marketing strategy.

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