Teach on Mars

A next generation learning technology for web and mobile devices. Mobile native. Engaging and social. Connecting people with the learning and communities that will help them do their jobs.

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Digital learning reinvented

Designed and built from day one to look, feel and play like the very best mobile apps your learners love, Teach on Mars offers a simple, elegant and smart experience that slots straight into the modern learner’s connected, mobile lifestyle. It’s social, it’s personalised, it’s cool… and it will have users coming back to learn a little more and build a better future every day.

Your own company learning app

Your brand at the heart of your app

With a Teach on Mars app, immerse your learners in an experience fine-tuned to showcase your brand and reinforce your culture. All backed up by the very latest next-gen learning technologies and design flexibility that sets new standards for app customisation.

Teach on Mars native apps - UQalify

Mobile first

Our mobile-native apps are like personal learning assistants that your users can access wherever and whenever they like – online or offline. And if a more traditional digital learning experience is your thing, our 100 % responsive web interface works perfectly on any desktop or tablet environment.

Social learning

Digital learning is no longer a solitary experience. Teach on Mars will become your community’s very own social platform, where learners can mention peers, like, share or comment on content, upload their own images and videos, share documents and access articles and podcasts.

New learning

Surprise your users with learning they won’t have seen before! Grab their attention with community-centric gamification. Mix new tech with proven live learning techniques in phygital events. And stimulate curiosity by building in virtual reality, interactive video and quest-based training.

Teach on Mars Authoring tool - UQalify

Mission centre

Train -and retain- at the speed of light

With our built-in authoring tool, just about anyone can build and update content that is creative and on-point. From a simple knowledge quiz to a full-blown learning path. It’s easy to learn, agile to use and lots of fun. To add depth to your training courses, Teach on Mars also has a wide range of high-quality learning resources created by our expert content partners or carefully curated by our instructional design teams.

Business intelligence

Make a difference

Define your own KPIs and metrics, craft them into business-relevant dashboards, and measure how the upskilling and engagement of your learner community impacts your results. At last, you can really show the return on your training investment.

Teach on Mars Business Intelligence - UQalify

Coaching add-on

To enable managers and trainers to monitor their teams closely, using a one-to-one conversational tool and evaluate skills using a frame of reference provided in the Mission Center. What’s the score today?


Event add-on

Combine mobile learning with events. Can be used for onboarding, seminars, regular trainings,… Let your users find out through a link on the wall where they can accept, opt out or join the waiting list.


Guest access

Connect in Guest mode with a limited access to the application. Guest mode is an optional feature, it must be enabled on your Mission Center to be able to use it. 

Prepare your organisation and colleagues for today’s new skills and challenges!